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We offer affordable, flexible and online-based training programs to acquire income-producing digital skills at the comfort of your home!

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Online Training!

We offer short-term monthly training programs at the comfort of your home to learn income-producing digital skills that will not only put money in your pocket but help you grow your business online! 

3-Months Standard Web Design Training Program


3-Months E-Commerce Store Design Training Program


3-Months Landing Page Design Training Program


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Typically, anyone looking to learn digital skills like web design and digital marketing to grow a business and start a home based online service business. 

We offer live, online and practical training via ZOOM and other associated video conference platforms. A Screen sharing class enables you to see live how things are done and work on your web projects.

You need a smartphone, table, laptop or computer with active internet connection to join and participate in the online class. 

All online discussions are held via our Slack Communication Platform. You get ongoing 24/7 support via the web class school and the associated thread. 

You pay online via our payment portals. You can also pay via mobile money. 
Accepted payment mediums include: Visa Card, MasterCard, Mobile Money and Visa Card. 

Yes, you can pay for more than entire three months program at once and get a 10% discount on the entire package.